For organizations to remain profitable in today's marketplace there is a growing need that they focus on their core business, and outsource the rest. This saves them both the time and money, and helps them adjust to changing demands of environment easily.
Factotum Group was founded with the same vision, to help businesses focus on their activities that will give them profit; and offload the rest of administrative & maintenance work to us for quality solutions. We provide customized solutions for our clients by assessing the requirements.
Factotum Group was founded in 2006 with a humble beginning, and a vision to provide cost-effective services as per the client's needs. Since then we have evolved into many verticals. This has become possible only due to positive and constructive feedback of our clients, to which we endeavor to keep aligned with.

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Factotum consultancy services

Finding right candidates for positions is a painful process. We go through hundreds of resumes, and screen through initial interviews before we send the candidates to you for the final session.

Factotum realty Solutions

Whether you need space for business or retail, we can help you choose what will benefit you most.

Factotum services

We provide blue collar services for offices, hotels, industries, residence, etc., to do everyday mundane but necessary tasks.

Factotum Swacchta Mission (NGO)

We wish to use our expertise for the benefit of the nation. Our NGO aims to clean public areas that have direct concern with the health. This includes hospitals, slums, and other public areas.

Factotum Services


  • a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities
  • a general servant

Factotum Services Pvt. Ltd. is a seasoned and talented team that specializes in high quality blue collar cleaning services for offices, commercial complexes, stores, etc. We have over 11 years of rich experience in providing services including but not limited to pest control, floor care, façade cleaning, and support staff services.
We provide custom solution tailored for our clients according to their needs. Even if you need service 365 days a year 24x7, we can deliver it.
For over 11 years we have helped our clients focus on their business, leaving the everyday tasks to us. We have earned a reputation by developing innovative methods to deliver high quality service. Our turnover is 70 crore rupees per year, and we are able to fulfil our clients demands from small to large workloads. Currently, we have successful presence in across India.


Vishal Mega Mart
Miraz Cinema
IIMT College

Have a look at our clients we are growing their business and they are going up in the market by beating their competitors.