Specialized Cleaning

Cleaning is a vast area, each requiring a different set of skills and material. We have specialized staff for the purpose.

Our cleaning services:

Floor scrubbing
For small areas, manual scrubbing works well. For areas that are large, and open to public, we can use Floor Scrubber to give a tidy look.

Granite polishing
We give a shining granite floor and walls that will keep your visitors mesmerised.

Blinds cleaning
To get that perfect clean on those blinds is a job of patience and expert hands. At different times we use different techniques to clean them up, like dusting using feather duster, wiping using gloves, vacuuming, washing hanging blinds, or completely removing them for the deep wash.

Cleaning of carpet come on, rug, and chairs Cleaning of sofas, rugs, carpets can cause a huge mess and wasted time if not done appropriately. We make sure to use the right technique as per the time we have. Shampooing is done if we have plenty of time to dry, otherwise there are other techniques to remove stains and odour to get that clean surface to walk or sit on.

Facade cleaning
Although Facade cleaning might seem simple, other than the men hanging high; it can be done in a variety of combinations to give the client a choice of lower-cost to high-shine. There are many factors, depending on whether the building is industrial, or for public activity, high rise with option of cleaning just the portions visible to the public, or full clean to remove air pollutants and give longer life to the structure, location of the building and how dust prone it is, etc. We plan with you what the best fit will be for you.


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