Housekeeping and Washroom Sanitization

Housekeeping is our oldest endeavour. We facilitate productive work in an organization by excellent execution of the maintenance operations, keeping you and your employees happy. We undertake activities from individual houses to large corporations.

Our services in housekeeping, not limited to:

We do cleaning in a variety of ways, suiting to the needs of our esteemed clients, as well as the area in concern. From office desk to the hallway, we do it.

Washroom sanitization
Washrooms are the area that requires special attention. It's not just about cleaning, but a germ-free and sparkling washroom keeps your employees safe.

Trash disposal
This is another of our expert areas. It's not just about emptying the dustbin, but keeping the nearby area extra clean to prevent small insects from creating a mess. Also, the movement of the trash should happen as to leave no trace of movement, visual or smell. And the final disposal area should be out of general site.

Material movement
Companies have material that needs to be moved regularly within the premises. Big or small, we do it all.

5S implementation
We make sure everything has a designated place, and everything is in its place. Easy to find when needed, neat and clean.

Updating checklists
We ensure what we promise to our clients is actually done. Therefore we make sure all periodic work is administered by checklists, and we keep an eye on them.


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